Tuesday, 26 June 2012

computer desk re-do

So I was going to make a desk i have plans and drawings all done up and everything but with summer and it being busier then normal for me with work and all that great stuff I knew I would not be getting around to it for at least a few more months.  Also I need to start practicing my furniture re-doing painting skills so that when I go to do a few more important to me pieces of furniture I will hopefully have a clue to what I am doing.  So why not start with my old laminate computer desk which by the way I LOATHE!!!!!!
anyways here are the before and after

Oh and inside I put this!!!   Hot glued down and everything I hate the coffee ring!!


  1. Love that! What kind of paint did you use? Did you sand first?

  2. Yes I sanded and sanded and then sanded some more lol (really need to invest in a palm sander) and its just outdoor martha stuart flat paint (glass of milk- color) It was on sale at $8 a gallon.

  3. very nice! I saw some primer that is supposed to cover stain without the sanding, so I think I might cheat and try that for my glider...