Sunday, 22 April 2012

Barnwood Wainscoting the beginning

So the whole point of getting all the wood and starting this whole new decorating scheme of mine was so I could eventually pick a room in my house and do Barnwood wainscoting.  This was a hard choice for me cause once its up well its up and it would be a whole lot of work to take it down and fix what was behind it but.........seeing as our basement is still a work in progress I decided I would decorate my upstairs and get it finished before I started decorating the basement cause I would probably have to tear some of it out to finish basement.
So its the living room and dining area that got the barn wood.  This is not a weekend project for a beginner.
Thank goodness for power tools the Brad nailer made this job a lot quicker then if I had to nail it all by hand.
Also it took about two weeks of prep time - each board was cut to the basic length of 36" and then sanded and polyed twice!  I now loathe sanding *next purchase will be a sander!  I left all the imperfections actually I picked boards with knot holes and dings and dents and what nots.

I think it got left this way for about a week before I had time to tackle it all again and finish it off

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