Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Aging wood

I dont have the patience to wait for wood to age naturally outside so I searched and searched and came up with a few different recipes for aging wood but the most common one is to put steel wool into vinegar let it sit for a couple of days (The mixture may not look much different but it will work)  then brush that mixture on your wood.  your wood of course must be free of all paint or stains .
I did it for the crates and here is the difference it makes

I found each wood reacts a bit differently to the mixture and how long your mixture has been sitting also makes a difference
I tried a batch of age stain  in an old coffee container that had some grounds left in it and it made that stain go a bit browner then just the plain type.  found a new one - pennies in vinegar supposed to make it blue/gray - have to try this yet.  So no clue if it actually works but you know I am gonna give it a go!!!


  1. I've tried the stell wool and vinegar to. Works great. No more waiting for your wood to age (-;

  2. Wow, can't wait to try this!


  3. Wow, great! Can't wait to tell my husband. Thanks for the tip!