Tuesday, 12 June 2012


It was a beautiful day and I was feeling lazyish - who wouldn't and all I wanted to do was relax outside in the sunny shade and read a book - I don't have a nice lounge chair sooooo the next best thing is.......or better thing is............
Got my idea HERE   with instructions for a quick DIY hammock - I think there shall be at least 3 more made by the end of summer. cause this one folks IS ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyways I went scrounging around for material I knows I have a stash of some somewhere in the many containers of misc that I have in my house or crafting area. I found a big piece in the bottom of a bucket

If you cant find enough material an old sheet will do.  If you want it extra sturdy you could sew two sheets together.   I did hem the sides and just made the fold at each end to put the string through. 
Now the hard part finding somewhere to hang it and one wouldn't think that would be to hard in my yard with all the trees we have but thing is most of them are along the road and now outside the fence we just put up.
Here is the end result must now find a little table set to put beside it for drinks and other treats for me whilst I relax a sunny afternoon away.

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