Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chalkboard fridge

I seen it on one of the shows my kids watch and thought "I WANT THAT"  so I did that.

Chalkboard paint while expensive goes a long ways.  I bought the little jar $22 and it took less then a quarter to do the fridge 3 coats.  First step was to wash the fridge door very well then sand it with some steel wool or very ruff sand paper -  some tutorials will recommend priming with the magnetic paint first I didnt and the magnets still stick. .  Then paint it......wait for it to dry for ruffly 4 hours repaint, and then one more coat!  I let mine sit for 3 days like it says to before I "cured" it with chalk and now my kids are having a great time writing on it.  May still paint the handle and the bottom part one day.



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