Monday, 3 November 2014

home made laundry detergent!

just a quick one
I have tried to find a good homemade laundry detergent...........I find the ones from the store always leave my washing machine which is a HE front loader gunky.

So here it is and although the cost is quite high initially it does last me nearly a year! which is always great.

2 boxes borax
2 big boxes baking soda
1 box Calgon water softner ( we have very hard water here)
2 buckets oxy clean
1 box clorax color brightner
2 bars of sunlight soap
2 boxes of washing soda
2 bottles of purex crystals just for smell.
1 big container to store it in
1 smaller container to put by machine
Most of this can be found in the isle with all the other laundry stuff
Just mix it all together
grate the sunlight soap
I put it all in one big container and fill the smaller jar and keep that by my machine.
You only need to use about 1tbsp for a regular load.

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