Thursday, 9 August 2012

repurposed wood project

So I had those great little wooden crate things from my work - to see click HERE  
I have had them sitting around for awhile now - some I turned into storage crates but most I tore apart and turned into the following project

Before (and dang it I hate the front door)

 I made a base of  plywood for the top of the stair railing so that I could nail the thin strips of wood that I got from the crates to the top of the plywood they wouldn't stay flat and in place nicely with them just being nailed to the drywall top that was there
As you can see some of this hasn't been aged yet nor has it been sanded down or anything
To see how I age the wood click HERE

 All finished just needs one more coat of poly so I can wipe it and dust it

 Just need to finish the bottom trim now but that is for another day!!

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