Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back to normal!!

Well its been awhile - not that I haven't been busy just I have been to busy
We have done some camping with the families both mine and hubbies locally and to Hinton Alberta - both were a great relaxing get-away time!!
Now we are back to school YAY!!!!!! time for mom to do some more projects!!!!

First day of school - Kyra- grd 6  Gavin-grd 5   Grace -grd2

 As for the rest of our free time most of it is spent in getting our house and yard ready for winter ugh which mostly means around here is that we spend a lot of time out in the bush gathering firewood!  LOTS and LOTS of firewood as that is how we heat our house in the winter  as you see here the pile is slowly growing. We really need to double or triple that much to have enough for the year and a bit left over for next year!!

  What we do have split and left over is put in the woodroom of our house which is in the basement about 6 feet away from the woodstove!!!  I love it!!!!  its alot of work getting all the wood in there and stacked but come winter it sure is nice to just open that door and get wood - Last year we had it stacked to the ceiling and it lasted us until just about the end of January - that being said last year wasnt a really cold winter so we shall see what happens this year

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