Friday, 5 October 2012

"Its a wife thing"

Soo I have had this old washing machine hanging around here for a couple of months (Thank-you dear sister Sherry)  It made an excellent hiding spot for treasure hunts and such things as that.  I did try to get the thing in the house via ramps kids and some rope - DID NOT WORK!!!!!  I think the thing weighs like 200 lbs!!!
Soooo tonight hubby had a buddy over and I asked/told them to bring it on in for me.  Hubby had asked his buddy his opinion on the whole having a huge old rusty washing machine in the house and his reply "Its a wife thing."  smart smart man.  Thanks Rob!!

They got it in and finally!  finally!!!!  I have it sitting in the corner sooo happy I am loving it slowly albeit ever so slowly my house is turning into what I have always liked and wanted.  So here it is in the corner of our living room.  Perfect spot for some of my plants


  1. Unique, great conversation piece. Love the rustic look

  2. It is indeed a perfect spot for your plants and looks wonderful in that corner. Great score. It is indeed a wife thing.