Thursday, 6 September 2012

Our Critters

So of course we have some critters around here!
Here is Oscar he is a Heinz 57 if there ever was one!!!  Gavin has claimed him as his dog
We got him up the road in 2008 - rescued from living in someones garbage pile - why we call him Oscar!!

 how he ended up sleeping with my son like this every-night during the cooler months is beyond me cause he supposed to be on the blanket at the end of the bed.  He is such a gentle kind hearted dog though and we love him to pieces for it

Then we have Nibs our drooly slobbering Rotti/St.Bernard and she is a purty lovable lady to if you can handle a bit of drool.  She actually is almost toooo loving somedays she figures to crawl up in your lap.
Nibs belongs to Kyra

Then we have Bubbles - Bubbles belongs to Grace even though Grace desperately wants a small house dog which I am very reluctant to get maybe one year!! Ok no more Bubbles sadly Bubbles disappeared one day

So now we have Daisy ( Grace just batted those teary baby blues up at her daddy and boy did he cave)  Soooo here is Daisy she is a Pugglier which is a Puggle (pugxbeagle) x Cavalier Spaniel  - she is in the process of being house trained we are getting there slowly!!!!  And yep she is the house dog!!

Then we have these guys how I ended up with Chickens more as pets then food I dont know but here they are  We had these first three since last fall to keep the Hen that survived the Butchering massacre company our policy is as a chicken if you survive some kind of massacre man made or nature then you get to live until you die a natural old age chicken death which the escapee of the original butcher massacre did.

This a silkie x rooster and he is sooo sweet and cute
These are just your run of the mill factory layers we got from someone else.

Today I picked up four more little hens to add to our very small flock - so right now there is all sorts of clucking and sorting out of the ranks and of course the little rooster man "being the man and boss" lol

so here they are
These two are young buff orpington hens.

and the two little silkie hens which com'on are way to flippin cute

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