Monday, 3 December 2012

My Rustic Christmas Ornaments

 So I this year for Christmas I get to have the upstairs to make a grown up matchy match Christmas and the kids get downstairs to put up and decorate with all the old stuff that I dont want .  So I have been making most of my own Christmas decorations
here is some of the ones I came up with today I have many more but just havent bothered to take pics of each and every one of them
these today are just made of bits of this and that  that I had around the house.

No step by step tutorial cause that's just not my thing - really its cause most times I dont remember to take pics and the how to notes until the very end and by then I am done doing. 
But at least it can help give some ideas.
OH and I redid the burlap wreath cause the bow was TO country for my taste soo here it is

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