Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Oh Christmas Trees

We gave buying those nice perfect Christmas trees from the farm or lot sooo our trees are what they are!!! and sometimes that is not to great but this year I must say we did not to bad. First you have to locate your trees and we did so


Decorating the trees was fun!!
 the kids did the downstairs tree and it only fell over once so now its tied to the wall hahaha! usually is every year cause we have an "incident"
We had the issue of where to put the upstairs tree usually its in the corner where I put my old washing machine but its to big and heavy to move here and there + add the factor of a puppy that is left unsupervised occasionally so the tree either had to be up out of the way or not be there at all.   I just figured it would be easier to use the washing machine as a Christmas Tree stand.  I did the upstairs tree and I must stop fiddling around with it.  A few more decorations here and there and I think my house will be Christmasy enough.

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  1. Nice trees!! Have a good Christmas with family and friends!! God bless you all in 2013!!
    Polly ten Brinke & Asjia