Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Benefits of working at a grocery store are?.....

Small Pallets & Grape Crates
My boss might officially think I am crazyish (which I dont deny) when he saw my excitement over finding a half size pallet ok i didnt find it they were going to toss it and I screeched in excitement and put a halt to it just before it went into the compactor.  He didnt really understand and kinda wrinkled his nose but handed it over anyways and I know I have seen even smaller ones then the one I saved from the compactor. 
Sooooooo.........imagine walking around collecting your stuff ( I make salads) from the produce department when you spot these

You'll get the joy if your a person who likes to upcycle and repurpose wood cause like you cant find 101 useful things for these lovely crates

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