Saturday, 21 April 2012

My porch

So hubby added a porch the first year we moved into our house and it has always just been that!  I really want to run with my shabby/chic/country/crappy house ideas and I figured what better room to start its small not to overwhelming - I can do this right?
First was looking up ideas - honestly thank goodness for Pinterest I always have ideas and thoughts of what I want to do but its nice to pick them out as a picture and shove them somewheres for when I need them..
Got my ideas and I am running with it

I turned this bench with storage (great for hiding winter boots and such in)
 Into this I love it
 This shelve here in this picture
 and the space here above my washer and dryer

Got turned into this
My favorite part is my sign that I made!!

Of course you can see the paint color differences and all that but yep this was the room that has started it all and I am sure as I go along I will go back to this room and make some more changes


  1. I like your wash room!
    The storage box turned out nice...and I absolutely love your sign.
    I wouldn't be surprised if we see that turn up everywhere!

    -- from FJI-SNS 131

  2. Thankyou! i got the inspiration for the sign from my SIL she has a similar saying on a sign in her house.