Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Eggs in the bator

Sooo its that time of year again
8 eggs are in the incubator - yes its a cooler with a light bulb in it. 
some should hatch on MAY 1 (we hope)  I am purty sure two are no good as I candled them a few days ago and not much was going on in them.
and some on May 7ish.
Which reminds me * make a cat proof brooder  *


  1. This is Great! Are you turning them constantly or is it auto turning?

  2. what I do is put an x on one side of the egg and just turn them 2 times a day...........you need to buy a little hydrometer to make sure your moisture is good. but usually just a container of water under the light bulb is enough to keep it good.